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Global Precision Signage, Braille & Tactile Signs
Global Precision Signage, Braille & Tactile Signs

Endurance Series TM  ( HVA )


Endurance Series signs are manufactured using a heat and vacuum forming application (HVA). Durable polycarbonate film is moulded by heat and pressure around computer cut letters and pictograms creating raised elements. This polycarbonate protects the sign face and its raised elements from peeling, cracking, and fading. Expect these signs to last the life of the building.
Computer generated Braille guarantees proper translation. Braille is embossed from behind the polycarbonate and is domed in shape. This Braille cannot be picked or broken off.
Color and graphics are added from behind. Color and design choices are endless.
The completed sign can be bonded to any substrate. Varying thickness of acrylic and aluminum are popular choices. The polycarbonate face is bonded with 3M 4910 adhesive using heat and pressure guaranteeing permanent bond. The sign face cleans and sanitizes easily.

Global Precision Signage, Braille & Tactile Signs


Photopolymer is manufactured using an etching process. Phenolic resin sheets are exposed using a film negative and light to create areas that will not be etched away (raised elements and Braille). This process is much like the old film photographic process. The background is washed down the drain leaving the substrate with the raised elements. The sign is then painted and text is either hot stamped with standard colors or silkscreened using a custom color. These signs have crisp letters, pictograms, and have a painted surface.

Global Precision Signage, Braille & Tactile Signs

Routed Applied 

This method uses primarily plastic substrate and in some cases metal substrates. Plastic letters are cut by a computer controlled router or laser and applied to the surface. Plastics are limited in color range. Braille is created by drilling holes in the substrate and inserting plastic balls into the holes creating domed Braille. This method is the best choice for metal substrates.

Global Precision Signage, Braille & Tactile Signs

Endurance Lables TM 

The incredibly durable labels can adhere to any substrate in interior or exterior applications. Computer generated graphics give unlimited design flexibility. Short runs are cost effective. No expensive dyes or silk screening. Class A fire rated means that these labels are perfect for Trains, planes and public transportation. Bank machines and door labels are also good applications.

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